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I’m a doctoral student in the Rhetoric and Composition program at Purdue University. Rhetoric and composition is a subfield within English, dedicated to the study of writing and argument. ¬†Rhetoric concerns the study of argument, persuasion, and discourse. Composition concerns writing as an empirical, theoretical, and pedagogical¬†phenomenon, how it exists as product and as process. My own research identity lies at the intersection between composition, linguistics, and education.

My primary research interests lie in corpus linguistics and textual processing, quantitative assessment of texts, and the use of information derived from those procedures to improve writing education. I also have an interest in public writing, literacy education policy, and research methodology. Recent research includes best metrics of lexical diversity; contrastive corpus analysis as a method for better understanding genre; the application of feminist epistemologies to archival research; and how rhetorical education is instantiated in a syllabus approach. At Purdue I am pursuing secondary areas in Writing Program Administration and English as a Second Language. I am currently writing my dissertation, on the College Learning Assessment (CLA) and its successor, the CLA+.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Philosophy from Central Connecticut State University and a Master of Arts in English with a focus in Writing and Rhetoric from the University of Rhode Island.

All opinions presented on this website are my own and should not be attributed to any other person, group, or organization. This website is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with Purdue University or any subsidiary department thereof.

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