posts to come

Very sorry this blog has been so quiet. I am deep in a very busy, very fulfilling semester. I promise to post several times in the next week. Some topics I’m working on:

  • A review of Matt Yglesias’s The Rent Is Too Damn High! ebooklet– or should that be in quotations, and not italics?– and a consideration of the form. As soon as it becomes available, I’ll read it and post on it. I promise that consideration of the future of publishing will be minimal.
  • Book recommendations and synopses for texts that were helpful and informative for me as I came to social scientific, statistical, and methodological understandings and knowledge.
  • Fluency– what it is, what it isn’t, what the latest scholarship says, and why you (and I) can’t use the “starting too old” excuse for why we don’t speak a second language anymore.
  • A defense of Microsoft Word. (Really.)

Looking forward to it. Thanks for your interest and readership.

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