cautionary tale: irony

I’m with those people who feel that certain protectors of the essential term and idea “irony” often go too far. Certainly more things are ironic than the most cautious of its policemen are willing to entertain. But still, there’s a whole subset of bad writing that is plagued by an almost defiantly poor handle on what the term means. Such as:

“It was ironic that a movie about a man who could leap so high would land with such a thud with moviegoers.”

I could take this apart a bit, but I’m suddenly filled with the need to go lie down.

Update: As a bonus, the writer of that piece says that the movie website Badass Digest is “aptly titled,” but gives us no indication whatsoever why that is an apt title in this context. Because John Carter is a badass? Because Andrew Stanton is a badass? Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi….

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