ain’t too proud to bleg

Well, I had a summer tutoring job in Chicago, but it fell through on account of we can’t sublet our place, so I’m on the lookout. If you know of anything telecommute-wise, or in the western-central Indiana area (including in Indianapolis), let me know.

In happier news, my semester is wrapping up in a couple of weeks, and I hope to be able to do a lot more of my own writing. I know I promised some posts before that I never got around to, so I’m not going to name anything specific save this: I’ve just gotten a copy of Waiting for Sunrise by William Boyd. Lately I have done precious little reading for my own ends (as opposed to assigned for a class, for a project, or for future research), and almost none of it has been fiction. While I won’t formally blog the book, I hope to write a few posts along the way, and try my hand at a formal review when I’m done. Looking forward to it.

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