Big Ten U’s: one down, ten to go

(Ten to go, on account of I go to one so I can’t rightly visit it.)

So here I am at “the Horseshoe,” Ohio State’s football stadium. I’ve decided to make a goal of visiting all of the Big Ten schools while I’m a grad student at one of them.

Summer break is here for me. Summer is funny for a grad student. A lot of people keep telling me I’m lucky, but usually the summer means a fair amount of financial panic. I’m still looking for a summer job, hopefully I’ll get one waiting tables. Then there’s the fact that, while you have more unstructured time, you also have a ton of pressure to research and write and send out proposals for publications and conferences. I’m not complaining– it’s a pretty awesome kind of pressure, the right kind, and I really love the opportunity to work only on my own interests. It’s just that “summer” doesn’t equal “free time.” But then, it very rarely does for adults!


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