Fall Course Load

For those who are interested, the classes I’ll be taking this fall include

  • Seminar in Language Testing, a class on assessment of language proficiency through test instruments. The class will examine the history, theory, and application of standardized tests for evaluating language proficiency, both oral and written, cross-linguistically.
  • Rhetorical methodologies, a class dedicated to research methods for systematic examination of argument and persuasive discourse. The purpose is to arm students with the tools necessary to examine and discuss rhetorical practice in an academically rigorous way.
  • Rhetoric in the Modern Period, one of three historical surveys on the scholarship of argument and persuasion required for doctoral students in Purdue’s program. (The other two are Classical and Postmodern Rhetoric.) A notoriously reading- and writing-intensive class, Modern is considered one of the most difficult classes in the program, especially considering the breadth of the period that needs to be covered.
  • The Hutton Lectures, a biweekly lecture series of visiting scholars who present on topics of interest in contemporary composition. As the writing load is quite low, and the reading is restricted to the text of the lectures, this class is easy to fit into a busy schedule.
  • Syntactic theory, a class in generative grammar and minimalist syntax, housed within the Linguistics department.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m also teaching a learning community of first generation college students. (That is, students whose parents do not possess college degrees.) I’m really looking forward to this semester, as exhausting as it will be.

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