2013 CCCCs: Feeling Good

2013-03-14_18-46-25_26Don’t take my somewhat unhappy words from yesterday too darkly; like my first experience last year, I found this Conference on College Composition and Communication to be generative, fun, and inspiring. I truly do love my field, and I love my people, as much as they often drive me crazy. I went to a lot of good panels and met a bunch of cool people. I learned a lot.

Las Vegas has been… well, it’s not my favorite. I doubt I’ll ever want to return. No insult to anyone who lives here and enjoys it, and of course I have seen the same tiny sliver of the city that every tourist does. I don’t mean to paint with too broad a brush. But the Las Vegas strip and tourist scene are decidedly not for me. My ethos simply doesn’t mesh with that part of the city, with that context. I’m not sure if it was a mistake to have the conference here; I actually love the idea of holding academic conferences at places that are a bit more fun. But I’ve now had my Las Vegas experience, and don’t need to experience it again. I did take the casinos for $200 or so.

And now time for a long bus ride back to Indiana.

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