Endorsement: Mechanical Keyboards

I very rarely do this sort of thing, but I wanted to take a moment and endorse mechanical keyboards. The difference between mechanical and standard membrane keyboards is articulated and demonstrated visually in the video above. I personally have a Rosewill RK 9000i with Cherry MX Blue switches, maybe the most tactile kind, which was generously purchased for me from my Amazon wish list. But in my experience the brand and manufacturer is much less important than the type of switch, which is also explained in the video.

Much like the mono cuts of Beatles albums or listening to vinyl or cold brewed coffee, the mechanical keyboard advantage is something that I expected to mostly be hype, but was surprised to find really makes a big difference. The tactility and response is so much more engaging, and yes, there really is a strange feeling of satisfaction from the physical and auditory feedback you get while using one. I am not one to engage in hyperbole about technology, but it really has dramatically improved the experience for typing for me. I highly recommend investigating them if you spend a lot of time typing.

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