cautionary tale: stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey

“I have been, for over twenty years, entirely persuaded by Garry Wills’s argument: that the Gettysburg Address, given by Abraham Lincoln on this day, exactly 150 years ago, was the great catalyzing rhetorical act in the–probably inevitable–transformation of the United States’s imagination of itself from a localized republican culture which accepted diverse, and unequal, communities, to a nationalized republican one which demanded the equal treatment of all its individual members.” — “The Greatest Presidential Speech of All Time,” In Medias Res



  1. Is something wrong with this? It sounds plausible, in rough terms (substituting the Civil War/Lincoln/Reconstruction for Gettysburg).

    1. My problem with this is not the sentiment but the writing style, which is overstuffed to the point of bursting. My cautionary tales are about writing style, efficacy, and quality, not content.

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