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the issue I have with the callout is that personal reactions to it are coded as irrelevant defense mechanisms.  when the personal is totally and only political, it ceases to exist as a category worth paying attention to.  so the only valid response to a call-out that you think is unfair or cruel is to deploy a counter-callout.  it becomes a kind of theoretical arms race, and the winner is the person who can spot the most structural influence on an individual shitty interaction.

see: all the posts talking about how call-out culture can trigger anxiety, or rely on racist or classist norms of language use, or in some other way reinforce oppression.   all these things are true!  but sometimes I think the salient issue is just that people are being total fucking assholes


edit: Should have said via MewMewFoucault, originally written by ourcatastrophe, original post looks like it’s down now.

I have many, many thoughts on this subject, but really this piece says it better than I could. Read the whole thing.

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