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Some of the motivations behind this character creation are the same or similar for everyone who blogs: we want our online persona to appear smarter, funnier, wiser, better-read, and more articulate than we are in real life. Some of them are more unique to my own situation and adopted persona: I want to appear richer, more powerful, better connected, more successful, more handsome, and more wicked here than I am in actuality. In any event, these exaggerations or deceptions add up—we hope—to create an online “self” that is more compelling and admirable than our own and in whose reflected glory we can bask our gratified egos. We tell ourselves that yes, my online self is the real me, me as I want others to see me, minus all those embarrassing, incidental flaws and imperfections which do not define me as I would be seen. As I want to be. As I really am.

The Epicurean Dealmaker.

I advise distributing this self-making function out. Many hands makes light work. It’s an outsourcing economy anyway. Who has time in the day for all that self-making?


  1. For many years I have outsourced this function to my students. During that time I have run away with a prof from the nearby Medical School, gone on an international tour to promote my novels, and become a nun.

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