dispatch from CCCC: contingency and labor issues

Here’s a brief catalog of panels and sessions devoted to labor issues for adjuncts and conatingent faculty here at the conference:

  • First, the Program Chair Adam Banks, Conference Chair Howard Tinberg, and Exemplar Award winners Cynthia Selfe and Gail Hawisher all mentioned the needs of adjuncts in their remarks at the opening ceremony.
  • The Committee on Part-Time, Adjunct, or Contingent Labor meets every year in a closed session.
  • Ain’t We Compositionists? The M.A. Compositionist and Other Adjunct Subjectivities
  • Faculty Development and Composition Scholars: Creating Campuswide
    Impacts and Expanding Career Opportunities
  • Composition in the Age of Austerity
  • Opening Up the Faculty Club: Educating New Teachers for 21st-Century
  •  Unten(ur)able Positions: Re-theorizing WPAs from the Margins
  • Con Job: Stories of Adjunct and Contingent Labor
  • Labor Caucus Special Interest Group
  • Surviving and Thriving Off the Tenure Track: Gender, Contingent Labor, and Writing Instruction in the 21st Century
  • The Problems with Speaking For/With/As Contingent Faculty: Navigating Networks of Advocacy
  • Open to Possibilities: Institutional Identities and the Non-Tenure Track Writing Professor
  • The Labor Friendly Writing Program

I believe I’m leaving a couple things out so I’ll update if I find more.

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