cautionary tales: “I’m hip, I swear!” edition

Poochie“It’s a TV channel aimed mainly at millennials, whose only real guiding rule is that it’s going to stay away from anything conventional….So here’s the idea: let’s say we can serve up high-quality Fusion-branded content to a new generation of digital natives…. Here’s where things start getting really cool. 

Felix Salmon. The whole piece is like some graying MTV executive, writing ad copy for an energy drink. Or like you made a word cloud from the average week of breathless jargon from TechCrunch and just sprinkled the words onto a page.


  1. It sounds so blah, and I’m really disappointed that Salmon is so joyous about going “post-text”. He’s one of the better mainstream-left writers on finance and Wall Street, and very good at poking at problems in financial news that others miss.

    More generally, I have a strong attachment to text and only a lukewarm attachment to videos. Video is a passive medium, forcing you to sit there and absorb it unless you extend it to be interactive – and even then you’re still learning on someone else’s terms. Whereas text reading happens entirely on your terms, and you can either sit them and savor a passage or fly through it onward.

      1. I know—I’m not reproaching you. I just mean, I would hope for his success in reaching the kids, but it doesn’t look likely, hence too bad.

  2. most people who like to read find video way too slow

    Most of Felix’s audience is comprised of text-based life forms. I’m not sure how well the immersive digital stuff is going to pan out..

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