some pieces of good news

Good news for me.

  • I passed my French test! It was a selection from Camus, which is funny if you know the name of my old blog.
  • Which was the final hurdle keeping me from being a PhD candidate!
  • I have been awarded a fellowship by the Purdue Research Foundation for this summer, which means I won’t have to teach, making it much more likely that I will be able to stick to my schedule and finish my PhD next spring. This summer I’ll just be dissertating and playing softball. Gonna be a lot of work, and I can’t wait.
  • This fall, I’ll be running an assessment of Purdue’s Introductory Composition program, along with the Director of Introductory Composition and another graduate student, on a research assistantship. It’s a really awesome opportunity, as it directly connects with my primary research interests, lets me utilize some of the statistical techniques I enjoy, and contributes meaningfully to my CV. And given that we teach some 220 sections of freshman composition a year, it’s a research opportunity of rare scope. I’m super excited.

Also my younger brother passed the New York bar exam and got a good job in the federal court system. Lots to be thankful about right now. As usual, the goal is to deserve it. (And keep an eye out for the reversals of fortune.)


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