Freddie, Fredrik, Fred….

My dad went to Antioch College (RIP?) for his undergrad. When he got there, he had two roommates. All three of them were named Fred(e)ri(c)k, which he always chalked up to a joke by some administrator at the famously liberal, weirdo school. He would later go on to work at Wesleyan, which is where I grew up and is (was) itself a famously weirdo, liberal school. (Lately the administration has worked tirelessly to change its unique character, but that’s a story for another day.) Anyway, they resolved this by having one of them go by Fred, one of them go by Freddie, and my father by Frits. (Not Fritz, incidentally, but Frits.)

Since my little piece for the NYT listed my full name of Fredrik (its a Dutch spelling), and this website uses my full name as well, some people are asking me if I am abandoning being called Freddie in the pursuit of being more serious. Never! The NYT found me through here, and I chose just because it’s a professional site, etc. But Fredrik or Freddie or even Fred are fine. It’s not part of a conscious decision to try and be taken more seriously. I would hate that! Freddie is what most of my friends and my siblings call me, although it varies a bit. You can call me what you would like.


  1. Aw, man. They didn’t call themselves “Freddie I”, “Freddie 2”, and “Freddie 3”? That would’ve been more awesome.

  2. So gamer geeks are the new dominant social group, are they? Since gamer techie nerds are now (according to you) at the pinnacle of status and social popularity, I guess you anticipate a Dilbert clone being the next President? I won’t hold my breath.

  3. “You can call me what you would like.”

    On a political blog, be careful what you ask for!

    PS — Your NYTimes pic is scary! You look like you’re ready to thrash any geeks who disagree with you!

  4. What would convince you? In business, techies lack the status even of middle managers. It’s true they have high wages relative to other labor, but that is constantly under attack from business and political leaders (eg, H1B visas). And God forbid they should ever run afoul of one of the grievance lobbies (Brandon Eich).

  5. Hello Fredrik,

    I was the guy that wrote a comment about gamergate a couple weeks ago.

    Your claim that ‘we’ as a group are “thoroughly misogynist and angry” is untrue. We’ve pushed a clear $100K in donations to advance the fight against bullying, suicide, and to help the progression of women in gaming. We’ve scolded and shunned anyone willing to belittle women for the sake of them being women. We’ve even ran “anti-harassment patrols” in order to police third parties who’re prepared to co-opt the movement for the sake of “lulz” or vested interests. There is not much more we can do.

    You could claim that our group was still founded upon the principles of hating women and is therefore wrong, but you must surely realise that is not why we exist. The music to Castlevania: Bloodlines (see here: was written by a woman. Guile’s theme (that goes with everything: was written by a woman. Our hobby wouldn’t exist without women. To say that we loathe them for want of a bigger stake in it, is nonsensical.

    The reason you don’t understand any of us I think, is because you haven’t tried to. You’ve merely accepted the unfounded, hateful claims of a group of people who go jet-setting all around the western world, who have no concept at all of what life is like for millions of women who live in social housing. You’ve taken the equivalent of the anti-suffragette rhetoric (that women who wish to vote are simply buck-toothed, unkempt people who can’t find a husband) and accepted it as accurate. If you really want to understand us (whether or not you agree with us) – come and talk to us.

    This will be my last contribution to any of your articles as it’s apparent that I am unwelcome here. All I can say is that I am disappointed and saddened. Thank you for giving me a few interesting things to read, and good luck with the rest of your endeavours.

    A. Gamergate Member

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