Freddie’s zoo

My brother and his wife have moved to Guam for at least a couple years, and they asked me to look after their two cats until the either decide to stay permanently or come home. So when you add their cats, Trapito and Mia, to my cat Suavecito (who is one of their kittens) and my dog Miles, it makes for quite a crew. I was worried that it would be nonstop madness. It is pretty crazy, particularly around feeding time, but really it’s been quite nice.

There is so much going on in my life right now, so much work and so many things to worry about. It doesn’t help that there was a paperwork snafu at school and my last two paychecks have been much smaller than they’re supposed to be, so the constant money worry is a little worse than usual. But then again, I just have to feel gratitude and satisfaction. I love teaching and I love the chance to read and write all day and I’m enjoying a lovely fall with good friends and professors. Had a lovely day of working and walking around the football stadium during the Michigan State game.

Here’s me and Mia.


  1. Sweet cat.
    My zoo: Two dogs, Lil Lilly and Houser. One cat, Sgt. Pepper. 47 Ducks, we gave up naming. Oh and two boys and a husband.
    As far as money, you’ll always find a way. We pay tuition for private school for the boys and college for me. Somehow we survive! Good luck.

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