reup: difficult reading can be reading for pleasure

Since Austin Kleon and his merry gang are up to their old tricks, defining what pleasure has to be for other people, I would like to reup this post I wrote about difficult reading, and why it can still have value even though absolutely everything in your culture, and every penny in capitalism’s coffers, tells you that the only art that should endure is that which constantly puts out its lips to be kissed.

Not every good thing in life is easy. Not everything that brings you immediate pleasure is good. There are other things to eat  besides candy. Sometimes your deepest pleasures will be those that you have work for the hardest. What you like is not what other people like. Your first instinct is not always right. Your definition of the right life is not right for everyone. What you want to do and what you should do are not always the same. The world does not exist to sate your appetites. You have to find the strength to live in a world where other people don’t make the same choices that you do. Not one word of your manifesto is truer or better than anyone else’s. You are not the only person in the world. You don’t get what you want in life. Grow up.

Update:  The most tiring thing in the world  for me is that we are all expected to live our lives so as not to offend other people’s insecurities, rather than having a social expectation that if your insecurity is illogical, it’s your job get over it.  No one is judging you.  What will it take to get people to accept that?