life updates

Hey gang. A couple readers have asked me recently what’s going on with me generally. So here’s a little self-indulgent update.

I’m on the academic job market right now. I am a fourth year PhD student, and I have another year of guaranteed funding after this year, but I have three chapters of my dissertation written, I’m feeling good about my CV, and I think I’m ready. (More importantly, my advisor thinks I’m ready.) Applying for jobs is a full time job, and my dissertation work has slowed considerably. But with my introduction likely going to be derived significantly from my prospectus, and my fifth and final chapter largely dependent on data collection that can’t be rushed, I’m not too worried. As many times as I was told that writing job documents would be a lot of work, I still underestimated the task. But it’s genuinely valuable intellectual work– I’ve never had to ask myself, so directly, what I value as a teacher and as a researcher. (You’re permitted to roll your eyes, there. But I really am loving it.) I’m trying to set aside a little money for plane tickets to campus visits (they reimburse you but you gotta front the money) and for a new suit. I have a nice suit but it’s more of a wedding-style one, so I want to see if I can get something a little more business-y. Of course, this may be an elaborate exercise in putting the cart before the horse.

Aside from that, it’s been a lovely fall in Lafayette, and I’m trying to appreciate it that much more because it is (hopefully?) my last here. I went to the last farmer’s market of the season yesterday, got some Concord grapes, some local potatoes and garlic. I went to a fancy dress housewarming party last night and dressed fancy. I’m having tons of fun in my new role as the Communications Editory at Kairos. I just helped a friend celebrate her 30th birthday, and today I approved proofs on the article I was telling you about recently. Life is good.

And, yes: I’m living with three cats and a dog, as I’m watching my brother’s two cats while he’s working in Guam. I was afraid it would be a madhouse but it’s actually been lovely. Even this guy has been getting used to it… slowly.

2014-10-26 22.04.48-1