frequently asked question

As a leftist yourself, why do so many of your arguments critique those on the left?

Because the struggle for social justice is the most important task that human beings undertake, it is necessary for people of conscience to evaluate how well that struggle is going and whether current tactics are effective. When we talk about social justice, we are referring to the effort to make the world a more moral, righteous, equitable, and compassionate place, and not to the effort for any of us to be or appear individually moral. For the good of all of us, social justice has to win. Because social justice most benefits those who lack power, money, and social capital, we have to persuade and motivate through appeals to the broader public, as only people power can make up for our inherent disadvantage in conventional power. I do not believe that the current tactics that are common to the social justice left can possibly persuade enough of the people who need to be persuaded. I feel compelled to say so, even though I am frequently told by those within the broad social justice left that I lack credibility to speak. Because we have to win.