The Daily Caller dude done goofed

So I got this the other day:

watSo the dude called me and asked me three questions. I presumed it was in response to this. I pinged Keenan Trotter about it before my interview to say that I thought it was weird.


On the third question, I realized there was some sort of weird misunderstanding going on. I told the dude, flat out, that I wasn’t a Gawker employee, and that I was just an interested observer that cares about the future of unions in this kind of work. I reiterated that point several times. I did mention that I have been working on a freelance piece for Gawker, but said directly that I’m not an employee, never will be, have no connection to the union, and couldn’t speak to any of that. He assured me he understood.  Afterwords, because it was weird, I emailed Max Read.


Today I see this.


I have no idea why he would quote me as saying “we” here– I didn’t say anything of the kind. Again, I stated and restated that I’m not a Gawker Media employee, and he said he got it. I said they’ll have a structure in place for grievances, again simply from the standpoint of someone who cares about unions.

It’s all very strange and I am genuinely baffled by how he could misquote me in that sense when I went out of my way to tell him that I don’t work for Gawker.

Update: Somebody asked me why I would bother to be interviewed by a conservative site like the Daily Caller. That’s actually why I was willing to be interviewed– I figured it would probably be a hit piece and thought it would be a good chance to defend unions in a conservative space.