in the interest of full disclosure!

Well gang, it’s looking pretty much official — unless I’m mistaken about the timelines of a few remaining jobs, I’ve struck out on the 2014-2015 academic job market. I had a bunch of close calls, including an offer that looked to be in hand, but no bites. It happens. I figure if I’m gonna tell you all when things are good, I better be upfront with the setbacks, too.

I will say upfront that it’s a blow, obviously, after working on documents since this time last year and submitted apps since October 1st. But it’s a well-known tale,  after all, given the realities of the academic job market. I will go on the market again in the fall and see what’s what. I have a good and developing CV with some exciting things upcoming. And as I’ve teased several times — and really and truly hope to be able to formally announce soon — there’s some cool nonacademic stuff coming soon. I gotta give it another shot. I just wish everything was more open; I’d love to know if, as some people have told me, my political writing has rendered my efforts in this regard a waste of time.

As many have suspected, I’ve pretty much sunsetted this blog, in part I suppose because so many people have told me it’s such a professional liability. But also I think it’s time. I’ll pop up from time to time, mostly to announce and/or extend stuff I’m publishing elsewhere, and I’ll give you updates on my life. But it’s just time. At some point, you’ve said what you have to say, and you need to listen a little more.

I don’t know, we’ll see. There’s gotta be meaningful work for me somewhere. I can do a few things really well. To tell the truth, I’m much more worried about the next month and the immediate worry of finding a place to live, etc, than I am about the next year. I’m gonna keep plugging away at writing for money. I feel good about stuff generally. And not to be arch but I finally feel like I’ve got my medical life sorted in a way that, until very recently, seemed to elude me. I just have to figure out where exactly I’ll be living and working this year.

I’ll let you all know. Don’t worry too much — I’ve been in much, much worse shape in the past. We’ll see!