please help save my dog Miles

11287969_447335895427854_1607350991_nI’m very sorry to tell you that my dog, Miles, has taken very ill this past week, and I’m forced to ask for some help in paying his vet bills. Miles is an 8 year old hound mix, about 70 pounds. Before last weekend, he was in fine health, very energetic. But this past weekend, he stopped eating. That isn’t so unusual for a couple days at a stretch, but on Monday he was very lethargic. A trip to the vet brought bad news. Miles has Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia, a type of autoimmune anemia where his immune system is attacking his red blood cells, leaving him tired and lethargic and with labored breathing. It’s unclear what’s causing this condition. I’m convinced that it was something he ate, as he is forever eating things he shouldn’t and had metallic material in his colon which has since passed, but the vets aren’t sure. His condition is life-threatening and the vets told me there is a good chance he won’t make it.

Here is a GoFundMe campaign to help me pay for his care. (And for only that reason. Please read on for more details.)

I have not been able to afford to hospitalize him so we have been trying a treatment regimen. He is currently on five medications: prednisone, a steroid designed to suppress his immune system and reduce the attack on his red blood cells; doxycycline, an antibiotic to stave off infections; sucralfate, a drug to protect his stomach from damage caused by those drugs; an antacid; and a small dose of baby aspirin to prevent blood clots. We have been to the vet every day since I first took him in, as well as to Purdue’s animal hospital. His treatment has pretty much cleaned me out, financially. I am getting some help from my brother. I am unemployed right now, but I am applying to jobs all over the country and I’m confident I’ll find something in the next month. I was planning on just trying to hold on through the end of July. I have been doing some writing for pay, which will really help in the long run, but it tends to take a long time for those jobs to pay. I got a cheap sublet for next month and the rent is paid for, so that’s good. But we have another vet visit coming on Monday, and at present I’m not sure how I can continue to take him in.

My goal is for total transparency. I am posting invoices and receipts on the GoFundMe page so that you can see what I am trying to get reimbursed. I arrived at the goal amount of $2890 because that is the amount I’ve paid for thus far, plus the $2000 that was quoted as an estimate for how much a blood transfusion may cost. A transfusion may become necessary in the next couple days, and as of right now, I couldn’t pay for it, which is my immediate worry. Again, I have no interest in asking for any money that is not directly related to Miles’s care. I will continue to update you with receipts and invoices, and if I end up with more than his care costs, I will arrange a donation with the Connecticut Humane Society where I got Miles, minus a little bit for odds and ends that I don’t have receipts for. I will show proof of that donation as well.

There has been a little bit of positive signs lately. Miles’s red blood cell count dropped as low as 12% at one point. (Above 30% is healthy.)  But he’s crept back up the last couple of days to 16%. He’s also eating some again, which is good. I make bland chicken breast and rice for him on  doctor’s orders, mix it up with a little wet dog food, and feed him by hand. That way I can get him to take his medicines. Because I was advised to limit his physical exertion as much as possible, I have been carrying him up and down the stairs and carrying him to where he likes to go to the bathroom. He also no longer has a fever. However, I want to be upfront in saying that his odds are still not good and that it is likely that, even if you pitch in for his care, he won’t make it. If that prevents anyone from chipping in I understand completely.

It’s been a very difficult week, full of sleepless nights where I wake up to make sure he’s breathing. I am happy to spend the effort to care for him. I just need to get the money together to keep bringing him to the vet. I really feel like I’m on the verge of getting life together if I can just hold on. Miles is my best friend and I love him with my whole heart. If anyone can pitch in, I’ll be more grateful than I can say.


  1. My heart goes out to you and Miles. I’m glad he has such a devoted companion in you, and I’m glad to see the fundraising is going so well: judging from my own experiences with three dogs who at different times had grave health issues, one can never really predict how much treatment will cost or how long it will be needed. But one never regrets paying any amount to do right by one’s best friend.

  2. Just donated as much as I could afford…I’ll repeat what I said–

    A month ago, my GF’s pit bull came down (out of nowhere, like Miles) with IMHA. His RBC was very low. The first week was tough as hell for him but his RBC came up after that to 30 and two weeks later, it was at 40. Now we’re tapering him off the pred, which is terrible, and hopefully he will be off the meds by the end of July.

    So hang in there Miles and Freddie!

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