links and such

  • I had a piece in the Observer about the “born this way”/immutability argument after the gay marriage decision that I hope you’ll check out.
  • I was on TheLipTV, talking polygamy, and you can check it out here. Lots of great questions, perceptive and informed host.
  • I had a similarly good time on Al-Jazeera English this past weekend, my first real national TV hit. My debate partner was informed and smart and had reasonable points. And, by god, TV pays.
  • Noah Davis of the Pacific Standard asked me to talk about money, so I chatted with him. In related news: anybody got a job? Wanna hire me?
  • This Kathryn Schulz piece on the Pacific Northwest’s earthquake is generally very good, but this passage is unhelpful, I think:quibbleFrom what I’m gathering, a recurrence interval isn’t really a “cycle,” which implies a regularity that, as I understand it, really doesn’t exist in these things. And that really demonstrates the uselessness of discussing averages without spreads. If the recurrence is really regular  then this is as scary as everyone is taking it to be. If it’s really irregular (like sometimes a couple decades between quakes, sometimes thousands of years) it’s much less so. This NYT piece has a chart that’s helpful. To be clear, I’m not at all suggesting that there’s no danger or anything, and again Schulz has done great work. I just am disappointed by the way that this is being discussed in the clickfarm press, which has inevitably defaulted to overheated theatrics about the whole thing. The worst part is that all of them individually would be smart about it, and you could talk to them and say “hey maybe this isn’t as immediate as it might seem.” And they’d be super sharp about it. But the system, as a whole, is always dumb.
  • Check out this handsome pooch!2015-07-11 19.20.48