fresh stuff

  • I just published my first piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education, a publication I’ve always wanted to write for. (I’m afraid the piece is behind a paywall.) I’m excited for the opportunity, and they’re paying me well. It’s about the pervasive sense of fear in academia, how it impacts the job market, and how the current (if they’re still current, it’s hard to say) campus political protests can either help or hurt, depending on how they turn. Though the pressure to adapt a “with us or against us” mentality to these protests persists, I will persist in saying that the actual effect of the protests will be felt in individual campuses, and those effects will be better or worse depending on the specific demands and the specific tactics of the protesters. The general demand that we recognize the ways in which students of color are marginalized on campus is totally correct and worth supporting. The specific demands vary from campus to campus. Some are brilliant; some are disturbing. I retain the right to say what I think about individual cases as my conscience dictates, while supporting the broad goal of making campus a more equitable place for students of color and while embracing the ideals of student protest.
  • My latest Observer column, though intended as an evenhanded discussion of two warring factions, has been controversial, as the accelerationists have no time for evenhandedness. It’s about the question of whether we fight global warming through slowing down capitalism’s processes or speeding them up. Please read and share.
  • I was recently on WFHB to talk about my Harper’s article on Louis Farrakhan and the #BlackLivesMatter protests with Doug Storm. I had a great time and thought it was a good discussion, so check it out.