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  • Yesterday, I presented my recent New America white paper on college assessment at their headquarters in Washington DC. It was broadcast live on C-SPAN. I can’t watch it myself, too painful, but I hope you’ll check it out.
  • If you haven’t read the white paper itself yet, you should check it out here, or perhaps read this brief editorial I wrote on why we need to assess assessments.
  • My latest Observer column is on Bill Clinton and why he was bad for the left, for Democrats, and for America. Featuring excellent artwork by the great Steve Brodner.
  • I did an episode of David Parson’s excellent podcast The Nostalgia Trap. It’s probably the most comprehensive dive ever into my politics and where they come from. Topics include the self-flattery of antifascism, growing up at Wesleyan University, the importance of leadership in activism, why I don’t engage in performative political deference, and whether or not I’m an FBI agent. I had a great time, please check it out.

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