that’s my time

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I think it’s time I finally make good on all these hints and leave blogging and Twitter and such behind. I have to find a different way to engage with the world. There just isn’t any place for me in contemporary politics, and at some point, you have to stop yelling at people. I haven’t been an activist for over 10 years, but for a long time I still believed in political progress. And one day not too long ago I woke up and realized I just don’t. Not anymore. And every day, the conversation gets more safe, more corporate, more restricted, less interesting, less honest, and less free.

I’ll be back someday; I’ll have this book to promote before too long. For now I’m off to figure out what’s next. (Getting a job would be a good start.)

I just always wanted to have guts and tell the truth, and I did my best at both. I can live with that.