Published Writing

This page features selected pieces of mine that I’ve published in three categories: Popular Press, Academic Writing, and Blog Stuff. These lists are not exhaustive.

Popular Press

On declining absolute mobility and the future of capitalism, for The Guardian

On whether Bernie Sanders’s strengths would have been a better match for defeating Donald Trump, for The Washington Post

On the outing of Elena Ferrante, for The Towner

On free expression and private forums like Twitter, for the Los Angeles Times

On the identity crisis of the Democrats, for The Washington Post

On life in college towns, for The Towner

On the Panama Papers, for Foreign Policy

On the need to assess assessments, for the New America Foundation

On the limits of acknowledging white privilege, for the Washington Post

On the university in a time of ambient fear, for The Chronicle of Higher Education (paywall)

On Louis Farrakhan, the BlackLivesMatter protests, and the future of black political leadership in Harper’s

On the need for campus activists to work bottom-up, rather than top-down, when protesting in the New Republic

On the corporatization of campus and the real source of campus speech codes for the New York Times Magazine

On Google Deep Dream and the structural reasons the tech press is broken for Full Stop Quarterly

On the Ashley Madison leak and the culture wars in the Observer

On Bernie Sanders as a socialist in Politico

On bad arguments against polygamy in Playboy

On experimental metal in Vox

On Rachel Dolezal for The Los Angeles Times

On gay marriage and the “born this way” argument for the Observer

On the story of college on Medium

On polygamy for Politico

On critique drift for In These Times

On expensive college gyms on Kinja

On the Rolling Stone University of Virginia investigation for The Week

On geek culture for The New York Times

On the bogus notion that everything’s a remix

On Israeli fears matching Palestinian realities for Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish

On the false STEM shortage narrative on Medium

On the Brookings student loan debt story for Talking Points Memo

On my love for Diana Wynne Jones on The Dish

On neoconservatism for Salon

On Hartford, Connecticut, for n+1

On Southland Tales for the Dish

On writers I love on Medium

On The Book of Matt for The New Inquiry

On Gawker’s coverage of Rob Ford for Salon

On discouraging young writers on Medium

On Greenwald derangement syndrome for The Dish

On Who Owns the Future? for The New Inquiry

On liberal humanitarianism and counterfactuals for Jacobin

On academics, public work, and labor for The Dish

On Twilight of the Elites for The New Inquiry

On international college students for The Huffington Post

On how the NBA became a league for snobs on Medium

On the fundamentals of conservatism for Wunderkammer

On education and the failure of procedural equality on Medium

On the resentment machine for The New Inquiry

Academic Writing

Standardized assessments must account for non-standardized institutions“, for eCampusNews

Standardized Tests of College Learning: Past and Future, for the New America Foundation

Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogywhere I serve as  Comm Editor

“Evaluating the Comparability of Two Measures of Lexical Diversity” for System

Notes on my dissertation, The CLA+ and the Two Cultures: Writing Assessment and Educational Testing

My review of Class Dismissed for Teacher-Scholar

My CCCC panel review for Kairos

“The First Person” for Writing Commons

“Singular ‘Their’ and the Grammar Wars”

“All of Bali”

“Review of Mary Soliday’s Everyday Genres”

“Eugene Debs’s Statement to the Court: A Rhetorical Analysis”

“Postmodernism in Rhetoric and Composition: Past, Passing, and Yet to Come”

“Towards a Place-Based Writing Pedagogy”

“The Perfomative Utterance in Hamlet

Blog Stuff

“The sublime narcissism of getting offended on other people’s behalf”

“Yes Virginia, There is a Left-Wing Reform Movement”

“The Night the State Killed Michael Ross”

“Young and Free”

“Correlation: Neither Everything Nor Nothing”

“One After Another”

“This Time Tomorrow”

“p-value Weirdness in a World of Big Data”

“Taste as Taste”

“Book Review: Astra Taylor’s The People’s Platform”

“One Year of Emptiness at the Krach Leadership Center”

“The ‘Not Left Wing’ Claim”

“Mad Max’s Moderate Feminism and Radical Egalitarianism”

“Racial Inequality is Objectively Worse than it was 30 Years Ago”

“For Whom the Rules Bend”

“Unless Your Site is About One Thing, It’s About Everything”

“A Simple Reform to Improve Data Journalism”

“Dispatch (Not) From #4c15: the Cheerful Slide into Irrelevance”

“Black Names and White Ridicule”