• For some odd reason my last post, on public subsidies for wealthy Ivies in an era of austerity, did not get pushed out to RSS readers. Apparently that’s happened before. It’s frustrating and I’m not sure what’s happening. You can always follow the ANOVA’s Twitter account for new posts.
  • That post has been republished at Jacobin.
  • I was on the left-leaning military affairs podcast What a Hell of a Way to Die, talking about the GI Bill, recently.
  • I will be appearing on the Katie Halper Show on June 14th at Brooklyn Commons from 7 PM to 10 PM, with the brilliant Angela Nagle. It’s a fundraiser for WBAI which is well-worth supporting.
  • This past week’s book review, on “Rebekah Nathan”‘s My Freshman Year, has been delayed and will be pushed out to Patreon patrons tomorrow afternoon. Archival content for patrons is coming later today.
  • Sometimes I write about non-education stuff on Medium. Here’s me on podcasts.
  • A couple people have asked about my and ResearchGate profiles, so I’ll just note that I often forget those exist and they are rarely if ever updated, though I’m going to make an effort to get them up to speed this week.
  • Coming soon: posts on teacher observations, corpus linguistics, and regression.