and brothers only love each other

Brace Belden and Liz Franczak on their TrueAnon podcast:

Sounds like a pair of people who sure do love the left!

It should go without saying: the way they are speaking about the radical left is the exact same way establishment Democrats speak about them. It is the exact same. (Be realistic! Think about the stakes here! Stop being so self-righteous!) Honestly, it’s such a bald recapitulation of what they themselves hate in the Democratic establishment that it’s almost Freudian, or something.

The push to excise certain people from the party, particularly people on the far left, is cyclical and endemic to left organizing. We have a term for it when it’s used against communists. It’s called redbaiting.

For the record – I’ve given money to, canvassed for, and will vote for Bernie Sanders, and so will several other real commies I know. But Bernie Sanders is not entitled to my time, my money, my effort, or my vote. And the idea that people on the left are somehow obligated to support him even if he fails to sufficiently appeal to them and their self-interest is the same shit we’ve been arguing against forever. You know how you guys always say that Hillary Clinton wasn’t entitled to your vote? Bernie Sanders isn’t entitled to anyone one’s vote, either. So are you guys opposed to the concept of a politician being entitled to the left’s vote? Or are you only opposed to it when it isn’t your guy?

To be a part of the American radical left for any significant time will mean, I sorry to say, spending far more of your time arguing and fighting with leftists than with anyone on the right. And the patterns are always the same. The sentiment that we could only win if we got rid of those loonies is inevitable. The trick is that every time it happens, people think their circumstances are different, that this situation’s not the same, that it’s necessary this one time. No one ever believes themselves to be the kind to redbait. Which is precisely why it’s so hard to avoid, so hard to fight.

I have been expecting a redbaiting phase if Bernie starts to win. Not from the mensch himself, who’s too good for that, but from parts of the intelligentsia that orbit around him. The campaign to elect Bernie looks from my vantage like a positive step to the left for the Democratic party and the country and on balance a reason for excitement, maybe even hope. And I can’t remember a public figure I’ve had such affection for as the man himself. The Sanders movement also sometimes looks like a creepy cult of personality, one powered by some of the same exact people who will preach that it’s not about him, it’s about us. And all of this will accelerate as he approaches securing the nomination. Things happen when people perceive themselves to be approaching power. They get excited. They get jumpy. Prepare for friendly fire and internal strife. It’s coming.

For the record: the answer to the question, “How’s the factory uprising going?,” when voiced by a social democrat, is “How’s the American social democracy movement going for you?” What great accomplishments am I supposed to be associating with the soft left? Communism wrote the 20th century. Social democracy in its Scandinavian bulwark is in the process of being dismantled. I don’t see anybody to the left of Democrats who has any standing to get snarky with anyone else. We’re all fucking losers here.