addendum to my point on Jonathan Haidt

I have added an addendum to my recent post on Jonathan Haidt and belief in belief, to underline the fact that I’m referring to a very specific way of thinking about religion and God. The addendum reads

To make it perfectly clear – I’m not saying that all Christian religious belief is insincere, that most is insincere, that all recent converts’ beliefs are insincere, that everyone who calls themselves tradcath or Weird Catholic or whatever is insincere, or any such thing. I am saying that people who traffic in Christianity because of social or personal benefits that are ancillary to actual religiosity and are indifferent to the question of actual belief are people who are going to end up disappointed.

Of course, I think all religious belief is ultimately wrong. But I don’t think all religious belief is insincere, consequentialist, or self-defeating. Far from it.