well I’m unemployed!

As of today I’m not longer an employee of Brooklyn College or CUNY. I won’t get into the details other than to say that I had a Provost and an Associate Provost who both had my back, then the Provost left, a new one came in who wasn’t enamored of me, and she fired the old Associate Provost and brought in a new one that had an immediate issue with me. Thanks to my union I had 6 months to get ready before they could actually get rid of me, but unfortunately that has proven to not be enough time to get another gig under current conditions. I’ll keep looking.

I have a couple little things going that will help and another book payment which will tide me over for awhile. In the medium to long term the issue is simply that it’s unclear if I can get hired with my history. But I’m keeping up my spirits and trying to focus on the positive, especially no longer having to do a job I didn’t care for in an unhealthy environment. There may be an announcement soon about my future plans, I’m not sure. On to the next thing.