relevant passages from the Cult of Smart regarding the racial achievement gap

I know better, after all these years, to think that this evidence will end a misinformation campaign about my book – a misinformation campaign that began prior to my book’s composition. But at this point I have become so used to having to answer for that misinformation that I am releasing several pages of relevant text from the book, which can be found below. This is not exhaustive when it comes to reference to race, but it should be sufficient to establish what I am and am not arguing about the topic of race and education. I hope that, if you find these excerpts encouraging, you’ll consider buying the book. (If you are squeamish about buying from Amazon, there are several other options available to you.) Perhaps you’ll even speak up the next time someone who has not read the book decides to misrepresent its contents.

Please forgive the inconsistent formatting of the pictures below. The excerpts skip around in the text somewhat and so might be a bit difficult to follow.