diversity programs function as they are intended to

There’s a weird thing that happens when we talk about diversity programs like affirmative action, where it is implied to be impolite or worse to say that they function as intended. Here’s what I mean. It is of course offensive to assume that any given potential beneficiary of affirmative action got into college because of affirmative action, and you shouldn’t. However, we should certainly hope that some potential beneficiaries are getting in because of affirmative action because… that’s the whole point of affirmative action. The entire edifice of affirmative action is designed to get students from marginalized groups in the door. This is to correct historical injustice and in recognition of the additional barriers that marginalized people face, a way to level the playing field. So the programs get people in who wouldn’t otherwise. That’s the whole entire point of affirmative action! If the programs aren’t doing that they’re failing at their mission!

Similarly diversity programs in academic hiring have similar goals and should, if they’re functioning, recruit scholars from marginalized groups into jobs that they might not get otherwise. Again, that’s the whole point of the programs! If you think diversity programs shouldn’t exist, I disagree but at least find your position coherent. If you say “we should have programs to increase diversity and redress historical inequalities by giving marginalized applicants a boost, but also it’s offensive to say that these programs have ever actually done that,” that’s… very strange.