you guys please hold it together, for me

The book comes out August 5th. (Preorder it here!) I frequently feel like I can’t possibly wait that long. But I can – and so can you. By which I mean, of course people are probably talking all kinds of mess about my book (which they have not read) and representing it as something it is not. That was inevitable. (And as it happens, necessary.) You just have to ignore it. I wrote the book. I know what’s in it. And there is nothing resembling a endorsement of “race science” or eugenics in it.

The book does not endorse race science; it argues the opposite. It does not endorse eugenics; it argues the opposite. Here’s what my book argues, in the most elemental form: we have elevated academic success to be the single most important aspect of a person’s life, and it hurts our kids, our parents, our schools, our colleges, our economy, our politics, our culture, and our souls. That’s the book. That’s what I pitched to publishing houses. That’s what it’s always been.

Look. I never wanted to be a freelance writer. I had no interest in being published in newspapers and magazines. All I wanted was to have my little blog and my little audience. And for a couple years that was enough. But professional media people kept saying that I blogged because I couldn’t get published elsewhere. (Fuck you too, Michael Moynihan.) It was the reflexive response when I criticized someone: who cares what he says? He’s just some loser on Blogspot.

So eventually I said, OK, fine. Have it your way. And I sat down with a notebook and I wrote out a list of all the places I wanted to get published in. Over the course of the next 6 or 7 years, I was published in all of them. (All but one.) The money was nice. But I never had any kind of intrinsic motivation to do it. I’m not wired that way; I’ve never had ambitions in the traditional sense and I don’t give a shit about success. But I published 100+ pieces out of spite, because people told me I couldn’t.

Now: they’ve also called me a cryptofascist or whatever for over a decade. So given that my writing career has always been driven in defiance of the industry, culture, and social worlds of journalism and media, do you really think I’m going to turn around and hand them the ultimate victory? That I’m going to say “actually pseudoscientific racism is good!” Do you think I would ever give them the satisfaction? I would never. Spite alone would be enough to prevent me, along with, you know, my basic moral and political beliefs, the facts of the matter, and my integrity. Please trust me.

So in the words of the immortal Master P, I’m asking you to listen to what I say and fuck what them hoes say. ARCs are out there. A couple blurbs are in the can. I’ve done a couple podcasts and interviews. The process is ongoing. And if someone on Facebook is saying disturbing things about my book, never fear: they haven’t read it. Not one of them. They are out to discredit me and will say whether it takes to achieve that. So ignore. Or just hit them with a link to this post. Tiocfaidh ár lá. The truth will out. Keep the faith. Ignore Facebook. And preorder the book. It’s good. My purpose is righteous and my heart is full. So let it be.